THIS TIME AROUNDInterracial marriage! A taboo or God’s will? Grab a copy of THIS TIME AROUND and find out what God’s thoughts really are on marrying someone who is of a different culture, and knowing how to deal with disgruntled relatives.


Antonio, a tall handsome talk show host was the last person Misan expected to see at the cruise- and it seemed he had not changed a bit. Well, she had, really she had and she was going to prove to him that he had not succeeded in breaking her. Antonio was trying to make her know that things were now different with him and in the process he discovered her secret- to Misan’s dismay. But what left her speechless and confused was his sudden marriage proposal. How could they get married after the complications that happened as a result of the last cruise? What was God’s will concerning inter-racial marriage? How could she be sure that the marriage would work, when some of such marriages had failed?